A conversation series

This spring we hosted three conversation about leaning in. Leaning in to uncertainty, conflict and tensions. Tensions that we are all facing, these days more than ever. We invited some of our mentors and friends, individuals who have helped shape our practice and view on how we face challenges and conflicts. We were joined by: 

  • The Practice of Peace - With Toke Paludan Møller
  • Compassionate Conversations - With Diane Musho Hamilton, Gabriel Menegal Wilson and Kimberly Myosai Loh
  • Staying with Conflict - With Bernie Mayer

To see the recordings, visuals and resources have a look here.

Invitation to Lean in

We have all experienced conflict that hurts. So it is natural to react to it with “fight” or “flight”. We are exploring a fundamentally different way: to engage conflict creatively. 

We invite you to explore with us, how conflict can be a doorway into greater coherence in our lives and relationships.

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Leaning in to Conflict

ONLINE COURSE: Exploring themes, frameworks and practices for creatively engaging conflict.

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It changed how I show up at work!

Attending the course with Nina, Jay and Rowan made me realize that we are surrounded by conflicts and that we might as well learn how to deal with them in a helpful way.

The Leaning into Conflict course helped me understand my own approach to conflict...

...as well as how to prepare for and actually engage in areas of disagreement. With increased understanding and tools to apply, my confidence has been boosted.
Rather than avoiding difficult conversations, I’m excited by the potential of uncovering the real interests underlying a conflict and of transferring negative energies into a more constructive search for solutions.
- Course participant


To explore more of our work and thoughts have a look at the Leaning In Blog, where you can also find resources and links to other work we are doing.