We are exploring:

How to build capacity to be with conflict in creative and generative ways, with kindness and courage at the center?

How we can be and work with the intensity and creative potential of complexity, confusion, and difference?

What is alive in the liminal space between conflict and collaboration?

Meet the Team

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Jay Rothman

Peace builder and conflict artist

Jay Rothman, Ph.D., is known internationally for his work in identity-based conflict resolution and participatory evaluation. He has worked as Director of the ARIA Group, Inc assisting leaders, organizations, communities and individuals around the world challenged by conflict and seeking assistance to forge more collaborative futures.


Nina Nisar

Integral Conflict Coach

Nina is a mindful Conflict Coach and Integral Facilitator.  She is a Art of Hosting Practitioner, trained in Conflict Transformation with IICP  and a passionate student of Diane Hamilton. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with diverse individuals, political parties, NGOs, Foundations, the European Commission, Cities and Civil Movements in Europe, India, Israel/ Palestine and Afghanistan.


Rowan Simonsen

Community Weaver

Rowan is working to bring conversations that matter into all aspects of life and our society. He is an Aikido and Art of Hosting Practitioner, a Kaospilot, he is trained in the Disciplines of Peace. He is co-developing the “Practising for Peace Dojo” in Colombia and the world and supporting the creation of resilient and creative rural communities.

Join us for our online course starting March 2020

We are offering a session course, where we will work with some of the most useful practices, perspectives and tools for engaging conflict creatively. Let us know if you are interested and we will get back to you with more details.