Learn with us

We offer online accessible and transformative learning and customized courses for you and your organization.

Retreats and Deep Dives

We create spaces for transformative retreats, bringing what we need to lean in to, to engage with. We organize a yearly retreat and also move if invited.

Coaching and Consulting

We offer creative conflict engagement and collaborative visioning workshops custom tailored to the specific needs of clients on both the public and private sectors.  


Inspirational Practice Guide

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Dispute System Design

We work with clients to design new or supplementary dispute resolution systems that will help transform conflicts and improve relationships in their workplace.  We believe in building organizational capacity to sustain the skills necessary to continue to engage conflict in productive ways.


Goal-Setting and Evaluation

We facilitate goal-setting workshops and retreats, which include assessment services through a unique participatory process we call Action Evaluation, which helps people in organizations define, promote and monitor success.

Conflict Assessment and Intervention

We provide coaching and consultation to leaders in organizations and communities facing deep conflict.  We help them assess their situation and learn to move beyond seemingly irresolvable conflict patterns using modalities such as  carefully tailored mediation, conflict coaching and facilitation.


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